The Board of Directors for the Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association and the respective street representatives are all volunteer residents of our community.

They are your following neighbours:

Doriana Zohil-Morton – Chair and President
Kuntesh Chandaria – Secretary
TBD – Treasurer and Vice-President
Mike Kedar – Board Member
Susan Hawkins – Board Member
Eric Siebert – Board Member
Anthony Fell – Board Member
Gina Cody – Board Member
Maureen Wright – Past President


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About our Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association (EGNA)

The Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association was fully incorporated in October 2005, with the head office located at 9 Hyde Park Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M3B 3N4.

The boundaries of EGNA include:

  • All of The Bridle Path – north and south of Lawrence Avenue East just north of Sandfield;
  • All of High Point Road – north and south of Lawrence Avenue East
  • All of Park Lane Circle – – north and south of Lawrence Avenue East to where Park Lane Circle meets Lawrence Avenue East;
  • Post Road from The Bridle Path to Bayview Avenue;
  • Lawrence Avenue East from the intersection with The Bridle Path to the ravine;
  • Bridle Health Gate and;
  • Hyde Park Circle.

About the Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association

Established in October 2005, the key objective of the Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association is to:

Manage a framework of a community organization for the residents of the
Bridle Path neighbourhood for the purpose of:

  • Disseminating information to members of the community that impact our neighbourhood.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting the community;
  • Ensuring the public lands in the community are properly maintained and serviced;
  • Promoting responsible development of properties within the community that comply with the neighbourhood single family dwellings;
  • Preserving and protecting the green spaces and aboriculture within the community;
  • Protecting zoning and promoting changes to by-laws affecting the community;
  • Sponsoring community events and;
  • Otherwise promoting the interests of the community.