Update on the Pearson Airport arrivals flight path issue

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Dear friends,


I am sending this email to those North Leaside residents and others who have contacted me with concerns about aircraft noise from arrival flights preparing to land at Pearson Airport.


Attached is a letter dated 17 January 2013 from Michelle Bishop, Director of Government and Public Affairs at Nav Canada, following up on the issues raised and suggestions made at the meeting I convened on October 9th bringing together concerned residents of North Leaside with the officials from Nav Canada.


I am disappointed but I cannot say I am surprised that there is nothing in the attached letter that might point towards any potential relief for those residents who are most troubled by noise from the flights passing directly over their homes in North Leaside and other nearby neighbourhoods.  At the meeting in October officials made it clear that, while there may be a very small degree of latitude within which to adjust the specific flight path that is of concern to North Leaside residents, they were not prepared simply to move the line a few hundred metres to the south and thereby transfer the issue to a different set of neighbourhoods.


As you know, arrival and departure flight paths at international airports like Pearson are determined by Nav Canada in accordance with safety and efficiency standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization, a body of the United Nations.  While Transport Canada is the safety regulator for aviation in Canada, the department does not approve changes to individual routings (i.e. flight paths) other than to confirm that the design meets the appropriate standards.


I understand that some people will not be satisfied with this response.  I am however at least somewhat encouraged by the indication in the final paragraph that Nav Canada will aim to improve its communication before changes are made to flight paths in the future.




John Carmichael, MP

Don Valley West

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