Development Charges Update

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,


Revisions to the city’s development charge by-law came before City Council yesterday.


Many thanks to all those who reached out to me about the revisions – as you know, I am a long standing supporter of increased development charges to ensure that, as far as possible, growth pays for growth.


The revisions approved yesterday will increase rates by approximately 71% for typical residential developments.


Unfortunately, the increase approved yesterday was about 8% lower than the increase city staff had proposed earlier in the summer.


During the debate at City Council, I worked alongside another councillor in an attempt to swing Council back to the original, higher proposal. While we were unsuccessful, we did fend off an attempt to defer the item. I also voted against a number of attempts by councillors to add ward-specific exemptions.


City Council also voted to phase in the increases over the next two years. I voted for a motion that would have seen the revisions phased in immediately – we’ve waited too long as it is – but a majority of councillors felt differently.


While the development charge by-law revisions approved yesterday aren’t ideal, they represent an increase over the city’s current rates and are expected to bring in an additional $170-$250 million annually.


As always, please don’t hesitate with any other questions or concerns.


Warm regards,



Jaye Robinson

City Councillor

Ward 25 – Don Valley West